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  • HSUS helps save trapped Nevada mustangs; Species threatened in Colorado by land apportionment
  • Wildlife bills move ahead in Congress; Prospects are good
  • Seal brutality won't end until demand for luxury pelts stops
  • Humane education and management courses at NHEC to start in June
  • Rodeo cruelties under heavy fire in HSUS educational campaign
  • Supervision of animal action in movies provokes serious concern
  • New executive joins HSUS national staff
  • Campaign to clean up wardens continues in New Jersey and Ohio
  • HSUS branch news and activities
  • Irene Castle dies; Animals lose ally, world loses dancer
  • Wyoming law winks at cruelties to animals
  • Slaughter bill nears passage in Missouri; Indiana stops threat
  • Hershey selected as site for 1969 HSUS national conference
  • Arkansas acts against cockfights; Maryland gives nod to cruelty
  • HSUS participates in educators' convention