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  • Repetition, consistency, and kindness (Marc Paulhus)
  • Justifying humane education as a means to prevent child abuse and other violence (Willow Ann Soltow and Jill Shepherd)
  • Brochure explains human-animal abuse link
  • SF/SPCA stresses animal behavior education, sees results (Maggie Murphy and Mike Rowell)
  • Advice line is behavior program's centerpiece
  • Federal wild bird bill signed into law
  • The Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992
  • State federation sponsors "Fixed for Life" spay/neuter campaign
  • Spay/neuter "Fix-It!" campaign tips from the Washington Federation
  • Shelter animals create their own fundraiser
  • HSUS seeks information on dog bites
  • Heat lamps can kill birds
  • Research firm battles humane society for bid
  • Pet sitters unite
  • The Humane Society of the United States presents Animal Care Expo '93