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  • A new look for Shelter Sense (Rhonda Lucas Donald)
  • On the loss of a beloved companion (Gina Browning)
  • Resources that can help
  • Five simple tips for better customer service (Kathi Prevost)
  • Veterinarians help four spay/neuter programs (Geoffrey L. Hardy)
  • The Fido Fund saves lives in WV
  • Adopters get free surgeries in Oregon
  • Animal Control department funds print ads
  • Program alters pets before adoption
  • HSUS recommends a strict protocol for early spay/neuter programs
  • Hartz bone implicated in pet injury (Geoffrey L. Handy)
  • Pet owners shouldn't take safety for granted
  • Cockfighting's "Superbowl" busted
  • 1991 Conference focuses on research
  • Another treatment for dog tags
  • Copies of humidity reproducible available
  • Judge issues $1 fine for abandonment
  • Reproducible -- What will you say when his best friend doesn't come home