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  • Finding more good homes for animals (Phyllis Wright)
  • Until there are none, adopt one! (Geoffrey L. Handy)
  • Reaching more people who are ready for a companion animal (Jill Shepherd Quinney)
  • Making your shelter appeal to prospective pet owners (M. Kathleen Prevost)
  • Transforming shelter animals into adoptable pets (Linda M. Reider)
  • Treading the line between adoption standards and individual applicants (Robin Weirauch)
  • Suggested adoption interview questions
  • Tips for smoother, more successful adoptions
  • Humane societies, pet stores work together to increase adoptions (Katherine Matthews)
  • Adopting a dog? Make the right choice!
  • Adopting a cat? Make the right choice!
  • Take a second look! Consider adopting an adult cat or dog
  • What next? Bringing your new dog home
  • What next? Bringing your new cat home
  • Be a responsible dog owner!
  • Be a responsible cat owner!
  • Reproducible -- Until there are none ... adopt one.