Submissions from 2016


Mating Games Squid Play: Reproductive Behaviour and Sexual Skin Displays in Caribbean Reef Squid Sepioteuthis sepioidea, Jennifer Mather


Efficiency of the Male Effect with Photostimulated Bucks Does Not Depend on their Familiarity with Goats, A. L. Muñoz, M. Bedos, R. M. Aroña, J. A. Flores, H. Hernández, C. Moussu, Elodie F. Briefer, P. Chemineau, M. Keller, and J. A. Delgadillo

Submissions from 2014


Male Brush-Turkeys Attempt Sexual Coercion in Unusual Circumstances, David A. Wells, Darryl N. Jones, David Bulger, and Culum Brown

Submissions from 2013


Fallow Deer Polyandry is Related to Fertilization Insurance, Elodie F. Briefer, Mary E. Farrell, Thomas J. Hayden, and Alan G. McElligott

Submissions from 2011


Assortative Mating in Fallow Deer Reduces the Strength of Sexual Selection, Mary E. Farrell, Elodie Briefer, and Alan G. McElligott

Submissions from 1997


Farrowing Behaviour and Stillbirth in Two Environments: An Evaluation of the Restraint-Stillbirth Hypothesis, D. Fraser, P. A. Phillips, and B. K. Thompson

Submissions from 1996


Social assemblages and mating relationships in prairie dogs: a DNA fingerprint analysis, Steven E. Travis, Con Slobodchikoff, and Paul Kefan

Submissions from 1984


Effect of Dosage of Cloprostenol on Induction of Farrowing and Body Temperature of Sows, D. Fraser and M. L. Connor

Submissions from 1983


Environmental Psychology and Great Ape Reproduction, Terry L. Maple