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This guide to balancing and correcting Project WIW is designed for educators who are concerned about the biases, inaccuracies, and omissions in evidence throughout the Project WIW activity guides.

The suggestions in this guide are specifically designed for the first three editions of Project WILD but may also be appropriate for use with later editions. (NOTE: The editions are not clearly marked by the authors of Project WIW. The third edition can be identified by the 1983, 1985 copyright dates, and the first two editions by the 1983 copyright date.)

This guide contains activity-by-activity suggestions for balancing and correcting the information and concepts contained in each Project WILD activity and recommendations for deletion of many of the activities. No comments address the appropriateness of the grade-level assignments. The guide contains only a few scattered remarks about the appropriateness of specific educational strategies and does not fully address this. No attempt is made to balance or correct the Project WILD glossary, nor are comments made concerning the Project WILD curriculum framework. In addition, no attempt is made to point out all the gaps in Project WILD - important topics concerning wildlife which are accorded little or no treatment. For information on filling in these gaps, please see the section on ''Resources from the National Association for the Advancement of Humane Education.''