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The 1963 National Leadership Conference of The HSUS, a genuine working meeting, provided a unique opportunity for active leaders of the humane movement to combine hard work and serious thought with enjoyable exchanges of experience. The meeting was held in the informal setting of Shawnee Inn, Shawnee-on-Delaware, Penna., September 26-29.

At the conclusion of scheduled formal addresses dealing with major problems of the humane movement, each Conferee was assigned to one of six committees, each of which was assigned the task of exploring in depth the implications of facts presented by the speakers and of formulating recommendations to the American humane movement for strategic action. Representatives of the entire humane movement, not merely of The HSUS, spent the next day and a half in work. Conferees were asked to study documents, statistics, facts-to take into account practical politics and intramural feuds and fights-to think hard and honestly and straight about the subjects put before them.

From these hours of discussion and debate emanated the committee recommendations that are reproduced in the pages of this booklet. The committee work, we hope, will be thought of as at least one step toward unified work in at least a few fields by humane societies in all parts of the nation.

We believe that the decisions were motivated by humane principles--that these findings and resolutions represent reasonable and practical recommendations that will reach the understandings and sympathies of the great army of humanitarians of America.


Speakers at HSUS conferences are invited to express their personal opinions about the variety of subjects covered. The papers here published are not necessarily in agreement with policies of The HSUS.