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On September 24-26, 1965, prominent humane leaders and humanitarians from almost every state attended the eleventh annual conference of The Humane Society of the United States. They came to study, evaluate and discuss some of the major national cruelties facing the American humane movement. They participated in committee meetings, forums, and seminars that thoroughly analyzed these major animal welfare problems and deliberated ways of solving them.

The purpose of this booklet is to give every interested person, especially those who could not attend the 1965 meeting, the opportunity to read the principal speeches. These addresses, delivered by experts, reach to the frontiers of the humane movement in their significance to humane endeavor and propagation of the humane philosophy. They explore in depth the implications of possible programs in areas of major activity and offer practical advice on how humane workers and humanitarians alike can increase and intensify their current efforts.

We feel there is something of value to everyone in the booklet. It is by no means a complete account of all the proceedings at the annual meeting but it shows the direction of unified thinking and planning in the humane movement. Hopefully, it may inspire a renewal of determination and purpose to accelerate current anti-cruelty campaigns and work more positively towards future goals.

The problems facing our movement are not diminished by even the most inspirational of annual meetings. Knowledge and understanding of what can be done are essential in seeking to remedy conditions that involve cruelty to animals. We have tried in the following pages to help develop that knowledge and understanding among all humanitarians.


Speakers at HSUS conferences are invited to express their personal opinions about the variety of subjects covered. The papers here published are not necessarily in agreement with policies of The HSUS.