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The 1969 HSUS National Leadership Conference, held in Hershey, Pa., on October 3-5, was the occasion for a critical evaluation by national leaders of the most important problems currently facing the American humane movement.

The three day meeting concentrated on discussion of strategy and program aimed at progress all along the humane front. The great tasks confronting humanitarians were faced with confidence in the movement's ability to tackle them successfully.

There were major speeches by recognized experts. There were panel discussions and question and answer sessions. There were roundtable seminars on animal shelter and humane society operation. There were open meetings, counseling by HSUS staff members, and a host of other useful activities.

Throughout the entire conference there was a spirit of unity and determination that made the occasion a happy one for all who attended.

We hope that this spirit is reflected in the pages of this booklet. The booklet is published for those who were unable to attend and for use by humanitarians and humane societies everywhere. Included here are the principal speeches and resolutions adopted for positive action programs. They will repay careful study and analysis.


Speakers at HSUS conferences are invited to express their personal opinions about the variety of subjects covered. The papers here published are not necessarily in agreement with policies of The HSUS.