Submissions from 2013


Goats Favour Personal Over Social Information in an Experimental Foraging Task, Luigi Baciadonna, Alan G. McElligott, and Elodie F. Briefer

Submissions from 2009


Octopus insularis (Octopodidae), Evidences of a Specialized Predator and a Time-Minimizing Hunter, Tatiana S. Leite, Manuel Haimovici, and Jennifer A. Mather

Submissions from 2003


Environmental Enrichment and Prior Experience of Live Prey Improve Foraging Behaviour in Hatchery-Reared Atlantic Salmon, C. Brown, T. Davidson, and K. Laland

Submissions from 2001


Interactions Between Shoal Size and Conformity in Guppy Social Foraging, Rachel L. Day, Tom MacDonald, Culum Brown, Kevin N. Laland, and Simon M. Reader


Familiarity Facilitates Social Learning of Foraging Behaviour in the Guppy, Will Swaney, Jeremy Kendal, Hannah Capon, Culum Brown, and Kevin N. Laland

Submissions from 1996


Risky behaviour by piglets: a trade off between feeding and risk of mortality by maternal crushing?, Daniel M. Weary, Edmond A. Pajor, Brian K. Thompson, and David Fraser