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In two raids separated by more than 1,000 miles, HSUS investigators seized several hundred suffering dogs, arranged for their care, and spurred legal action against the collector and breeder. Describing the two places as "cesspools", Frantz Dantzler, chief HSUS investigator, said "These two places were chosen for raids because they are typical of the many substandard puppy mills and kennels found in rural out-of-the-way America."

Both the Roseboom, New York Kennel and the Columbus, Kansas puppy mill had similar violations of humane standards and everyday common sense. Most of the seized animals had advanced cases of mange. Many animals had open festering sores. They lived in dark, airless, filthy shacks and rusty cages filled with excrement. All were clear violations of both states' anti-cruelty laws and the federal Animal Welfare Act.



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