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After a massive investigation covering nine months, twenty states, and more than 20,000 miles, The HSUS has documented that every day and every night, thousands of cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, and other animals are being crowded, beaten, electrically shocked, trampled--or even killed--during miserable journeys that ultimately end at the slaughterhouses of this country.

Animals are injured during loading, then forced to negotiate dark truck interiors, steep ramps, narrow doorways, sharp turns, and slippery flooring. They are loaded so hurriedly that they knock down or climb onto those animals ahead of them and are crowded so tightly that they injure or suffocate each other. During their journey (which may last for sixty hours), they are forced to endure extremes of weather in all climates and deprived of food and/or water. As they are unloaded, they are driven from trucks onto filthy, slippery loading ramps, often over the bodies of their dying companions. They stumble, sometimes breaking their legs, yet are forced to continue this final journey on their knees. Weak, crippled, old, young, and lame animals are mercilessly ramrodded through auction yards and their maze of holding pens, chutes, and sales arenas, then reloaded to endure another journey to a feedlot, finishing yard, slaughterhouse, or yet another auction. The longer and greater the number of journeys, the greater the suffering of the animals.



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