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The HSUS believes that dogfighting, along with other blood sports, is nothing less than torture for fun that is degrading and unfit for a civilized society.

The HSUS' dogfighting program is one of the most extensive in the nation. We are frequently contacted by other animal welfare groups, law enforcement agencies, and the media to provide assistance or expertise. Our investigators frequently travel undercover to dogfights, risking their lives to garner information from the heavily armed and often drug-using dogfighting fraternity. It is often information that only we are interested in providing that enables dogfighters to be caught and arrested.

It is clear that our work is paying off. In the last year alone, we have assisted in putting together successful raids in at least five states, resulting in more than 100 arrests and eighteen convictions, including the first conviction under the federal Animal Welfare Act. Many others arrested at the dogfights have yet to come to trial.



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