Submissions from 2011


The Effects of Acute and Chronic Hypoxia on Cortisol, Glucose and Lactate Concentrations in Different Populations of Three-Spined Stickleback, E. A. O'Connor, T. G. Pottinger, and L. U. Sneddon

Submissions from 2006


Differential Effects of Sodium and Magnesium Sulfate on Water Consumption by Beef Cattle, A. S. Grout, D. M. Veira, D. M. Weary, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, and D. Fraser

Submissions from 2004


Differences in Response to Hypoxia in the Three-Spined Stickleback from Lotic and Lentic Localities: Dominance and an Anaerobic Metabolite, L. U. Sneddon and J. Yerbury