Submissions from 2016


Does the Seal Licensing System in Scotland Have a Negative Impact on Seal Welfare?, Laetitia Nunny, Fritha Langford, and Mark P. Simmonds

Submissions from 2012


Using Grizzly Bears to Assess Harvest-Ecosystem Tradeoffs in Salmon Fisheries, Taal Levi, Chris T. Darimont, Misty MacDuffee, Marc Mangel, Paul C. Paquet, and Christopher C. Wilmers

Submissions from 2008


Ghost Runs: Management and Status Assessment of Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) Returning to British Columbia's Central and North coasts, M. H. H. Price, C. T. Darimont, N. F. Temple, and S. M. MacDuffee

Submissions from 1983


Aquaculture--Now, Factory Fish Farming, Michael W. Fox