Volume 2 (2017)

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Woodruff, Michael L. (2017) Consciousness in teleosts: There is something it feels like to be a fish. Animal Sentience 13(1)

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Beauchamp, Guy (2017) What can vigilance tell us about fear?. Animal Sentience 15(1)

Birch, Jonathan (2017) Animal sentience and the precautionary principle. Animal Sentience 16(1)

Marino, Lori (2017) The inconvenient truth about thinking chickens. Animal Sentience 17(1)

Balcombe, Jonathan (2017) Tribute to Jaak Panksepp. Animal Sentience

Serpell, James A. (2017) In Memory of Patrick Bateson. Animal Sentience

Peña-Guzmán, David M. (2017) Can nonhuman animals commit suicide?. Animal Sentience 20(1)