Volume 1 (2016)

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Harnad, Stevan (2016) Animal sentience: The other-minds problem. Animal Sentience 1(1)

Safina, Carl (2016) Animals think and feel: Précis of Beyond words: What animals think and feel (Safina 2015). Animal Sentience 2(1)

Key, Brian (2016) Why fish do not feel pain. Animal Sentience 3(1)

King, Barbara J (2016) Animal mourning: Précis of How animals grieve (King 2013). Animal Sentience 4(1)

Broom, Donald M. (2016) Considering animals’ feelings: Précis of Sentience and animal welfare (Broom 2014). Animal Sentience 5(1)

Lachance, Martine (2016) Breaking the silence: The veterinarian’s duty to report. Animal Sentience 6(1)

Ng, Yew-Kwang (2016) How welfare biology and commonsense may help to reduce animal suffering. Animal Sentience 7(1)

Balcombe, Jonathan (2016) In praise of fishes: Précis of What a fish knows (Balcombe 2016). Animal Sentience 8(1)

Klein, Colin and Barron, Andrew B. (2016) Insects have the capacity for subjective experience. Animal Sentience 9(1)

Rowlands, Mark (2016) Are animals persons?. Animal Sentience 10(1)

Reber, Arthur S. (2016) Caterpillars, consciousness and the origins of mind. Animal Sentience 11(1)

Zentall, Thomas R. (2016) Cognitive dissonance or contrast?. Animal Sentience 12(1)