Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling

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Invited Commentary


This overview of Broom’s book, Sentience and Animal Welfare (2014), considers the role the book could play in the animal rights debate. In a thoroughly researched and objectively presented text, Broom lays out information that could place doubt in the minds of decision-makers. By highlighting not just the ways animals resemble humans, but also the ways humans resemble animals, Broom shines a light on a solidly grey area in the animal rights debate.

Author Biography

M. E. Rolle melliottr@hotmail.com decided to make a radical change after twelve years as a natural resources attorney for the federal government. She moved to England to undertake a master's degree in creative writing. Weaving animal rights themes into her writing, she is working on her first novel at the University of Westminster in London.