Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling

Volume 1 (2016)

Number 1
Animal sentience: The other minds problem

Number 2
Animals think and feel: Précis of Beyond words: What animals think and feel (Safina 2015)

Number 3
Why fish do not feel pain

Number 4
Animal mourning: Précis of How animals grieve (King 2013)

Number 5
Considering animals’ feelings: Précis of Sentience and animal welfare (Broom 2014)

Number 6
Breaking the silence: The veterinarian’s duty to report

Number 7
How welfare biology and commonsense may help to reduce animal suffering

Number 8
In praise of fishes: Précis of What a fish knows (Balcombe 2016)

Number 9
Insects have the capacity for subjective experience

Number 10
Are animals persons?

Number 11
Caterpillars, consciousness and the origins of mind

Number 12
Cognitive dissonance or contrast?